Miss Watson’s Class


What fabulous mathematicians we are!

We have been working very hard on comparing numbers. We can use the vocabulary ‘less than’, ‘greater than’ and ‘equal to’ and use the symbols < , >  and  = to compare quantities and numbers.

We used our Autumn display and conkers to compare quantities.



In Panda Class we have started to read The Cat in the Hat. We have enjoyed reading the text this week and having lots of discussions about what Sally and her brother should do, answering questions such as:

  • Should The Cat in the Hat stay if mum is out?
  • When mum asks what the children have spent the day doing, should they tell her the truth?

We were very impressed with our children’s creative answers and moral discussions.

In the end, the class decided that The Cat in the Hat should not have stayed (strangers shouldn’t be in our houses, especially when mum is out) and the children should tell mum the truth (even if she is cross – she will be more cross if she finds out they lied!)

Some of the children asked why mum had left them on their own and pointed out that they “should have had a babysitter!”.

What wise children we have in Panda Class!




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