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We have been very bossy in English this week! The children have been working really hard to follow and write instructions. All of the children read instructions and used these to decorate their own biscuit. They were delicious!



In science, we have been looking at the importance of hygiene. We used glitter to demonstrate how quickly germs can spread. The children then wrote brilliant stories that had the moral of being hygienic.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________Year 2 are amazing gymnasts. They worked sensibly and safely on lots of different equipment in PE.


This week, we cast a magical spell and turned all of the children into one of the characters from our class book. We had a room full of chefs, all ready to cook for a royal family. The children really got into the role and could talk about the cook’s feelings at different points in the story.

They have started to write diary entries from the cook’s perspective. These will be finished early next week, so we will post some of their amazing finished pieces as soon as possible! Keep your eyes peeled to see some fantastic writing!


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Come and cheer on the Year 5 and 6 pupils as they take on St. Joseph’s in the first round of the FC Halifax Town 5-a-side Half Time Cup in front of 2000 fans and the BT Sport cameras! COME ON SIDDAL!


In our music lessons, the children have been using their wonderful voices to entertain us all. We have added a fun twist to a popular song and linked this to our food topic. I am sure you will enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed performing it!



This half term, it is all about food in Year Two! We are looking at why it is important, where it comes from and how it tastes. We would be really interested in the delicious foods that the children are eating at home. Why not create a food diary with your child that they can share with the class?

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Year 2 are fantastic mathematicians! They can now count up and down in tens and in twos.

We have been rehearsing a two times table song to accompany our learning. Have a listen here and sing along at home with your child!


Year 2 have been working incredibly hard today! We have been looking at a fantastic book, ‘The Royal Dinner’, and have managed to learn the story off by heart. The children put actions to the words and have created a wonderful performance. Have a look at their hard work by watching the video below. We are all very proud of them!




Year 2 have had a fantastic start to the school year.

The children have come back to school refreshed, full of energy and ready to learn.

Please look at our class newsletter for all of the important information.

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