What a fantastic half term we had!

Well, Snow Leopard class have had an amazing half term so far they’ve:

  • Been detectives when a dragon destroyed their class
  • Found dragon eggs on a locality walk
  • Written instructions
  • Written persuasive letters
  • Written detailed descriptions
  • Learned special ways to add
  • Mastered number bonds to 10 (and some to 20)
  • Drawn and painted like Quentin Blake
  • Dressed up as Roald Dahl characters
  • Been on an Autumn walk
  • Created some finger print art
  • Improved their handwriting

… and so, so much more.

Well done Snow Leopards, I can’t wait for next half term :)

DSC01070 DSC01319

Harvest in early years !

This week we have been learning all about harvest.

We have learnt some harvest songs. Including the harvest samba, one world and big red combined harvester. What is your favourite harvest song?

For our harvest we will be performing the song of Dingle Dangle Scrawcrow. Can you sing it to your grown ups?

In preperation for our performance we have been making wrist bands to pretend to be a scarecrow. We used one handed tools and practised our cutting skills.

See you all tommorow (Friday the 14th October) at 2.30pm for our harvest celebration.

IMG_4925 IMG_4926 IMG_4928 IMG_4935 IMG_4936

Forbidden Corner


As part of our topic on myths and legends we had a day trip to Forbidden Corner. The children had a fantastic time exploring the hidden tunnels, maizes and secret doors the garden had to offer. But no visit to this cheeky woodland is complete without a surprise soaking! DSC01670

We are excited to see the effects this enchanting place has had on the childrens writing as we begin to build up our story settings over the coming weeks.




Celebrating Black History Month

We love our house team carousels, and today was no different! With Mrs Wood and Mrs Hughes, we were finding out about African art, especially tribal warrior masks! We found out why some tribes wear certain masks and the purpose of them. Mrs Hughes told us where she had found the masks and how they were made. We used some of our science knowledge to investigate what materials the masks were made from.

Then we used our artist’s eyes to look carefully and draw what we could see. We chose a mask that we liked and created our own version of it, using a range of media and materials to add colour. The results are amazing!!

DSC01647 DSC01648 DSC01640 DSC01633 DSC01630 DSC01631

Black History Carousel


DSC01126 DSC01127

During Black History Carousel children enjoyed learning about Bob Marley.They learnt his song

Dont worry be happy :-) and played musical instruments to the beat.


Working in the style of Quentin Blake

Panda class have enjoyed learning about the illustrator Quentin Blake. We watched a video about his work and decided to try to work in his style.

First we explored water colours as they can be quite tricky to use! We enjoyed mixing our colours on the cartridge paper and creating different shades of the primary and secondary colours.

DSC01438 DSC01439

We then chose our favourite Quentin Blake illustration and tried to copy it. We gave each other kind feedback and helped our friends to improve their work. We made lots of drafts, each time making our drawing better.

DSC01447 DSC01448

Finally, we used our knowledge of water colours to ‘add colour’ to our designs. The finished pieces are displayed on our Quentin Blake  board in our classroom-come and look at them!!

DSC01510 DSC01511 DSC01515 DSC01516

Urgent Dragon Update

Year 3 and 4 have been working hard to inform the concerned residents of Siddal about the dragon invasion. The children used their news scripts to film reports warning the public to stay safe during this terrible time. DSC01046 DSC01055DSC01043 - Copy DSC01035 - Copy

Beware of the Dragon Invasion!!

The Rhino and Elephant class were shocked to find that the Year 3 classroom had been overturned by a dragon!

We returned from assembly this morning to find the classroom in disarray. Tables had been thrown over, dirt on the floor and a nest full of four gold and silver scaly dragon eggs were in the middle of the classroom.

We were shocked to witness a Sky news report, informing us of a dragon sighting in Siddal. We then received an email, from the mayor, instructing us on how to proceed with removing the eggs. We placed them in a safe location for the return of their parents.(We didn’t want to make the dragons angry!)

Rhinos and elephants were so shocked we decided it was our duty to inform other schools of this shocking news!

Therefore, we worked extremely hard to create scripts to make our own news reports. Do not panic!! We are recording our reports tomorrow and we will be emailing them across schools in Calderdale to warn them of this threat!

Be safe out there and keep an eye out for those pesky dragons!!!DSC01010DSC01007DSC01007DSC01011DSC01017DSC01015DSC01018DSC01019DSC01015DSC01024DSC01025DSC01022DSC01030DSC01020


Celebrating Roald Dahl day

We have had a brilliant day in Panda class today. We all dressed up as our favourite Roald Dahl character and looked fabulous!


We enjoyed a capacity focused Maths session, where we pretended to be George creating a new potion. We used our colour mixing skills and knowledge of full, half full and empty to create magic potions!

DSC01458 DSC01461 DSC01463

We have been learning about instructions in our English sessions, and decided to create our own magic potion using some strange ingredients! We used hen’s teeth, parrot feathers, bird seed and moon rocks to create some wacky potions. Then we used our knowledge of instructions to create our own.

DSC01484 DSC01491 DSC01492

We have enjoyed celebrating Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday in class-we even made him some cakes!!!

DSC01483 DSC01450 DSC01454

Welcome to Rhino Class!

DSC00849 DSC00848Hello, I would like to say welcome to Year 3, Rhinos!

Every child has had a great start to the year and especially seemed to enjoy our new Harry Potter themed reading corner.

Over the next week we are celebrating Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday so watch this space for photos of the children’s amazing learning as well our dress up day!


Which book is your favourite Roald Dahl story? Vote below!

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