Year 3 meet the Siddal chicks!

Year 3 had some very cute visitors today.

Everyone really enjoyed getting to hold the adorable chicks even though one had an accident on Tyler’s leg! Luckily, Tyler is very used to chicks, having one of his own, and was able to keep everyone very calm. He saved the day! Especially when one decided to have a jog around the classroom towards Mrs. Newham who was really scared of it!

KS1 ICT Carousel

This week in carousel the children have been making their characters using modelling clay for their Animation projects.  They had fun making a range of characters including, princesses, unicorns, chickens, a rainbow horse and aliens.

Next week they will become film directors and producers when they begin to create their films.

Mrs Godwin

Year 4 trip to York

Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed their trip to ‘The Dig’ in York yesterday. We took part in two workshops, where we learnt all about life as a Viking and how their different weapons were made and used. We then had the opportunity to become archaeologists and had a go at unearthing different towns and artefacts from the past.

Keep an eye on our page for more photos from our amazing trip.

Health Day in Early Years

We have had lots of fun today. We were all measured and weighed. Layla is the tallest and Katie is the smallest person in Polar Bear Class.


We had lots of fun participating in Yoga and playing different games. We showed our visitors how good we are at listening to instructions. We then talked about what makes you healthy and we came up with a list;


  • Eat healthy food e.g. fruit, vegetables, meat, fish
  • Drink healthy drinks e.g. milk and water
  • Exercising
  • Have 11 to 12 hours sleep
  • Brush our teeth
  • Good hygiene


Health day

It’s been a very exciting and informative health day. Here’s some pictures of what we’ve done.  MVI_0545

Beegu landing

Strange things have been happening in our playground today…

Fraction time :)

Jobs in 1666 (in our world book day outfits)

Today, we were learning all about jobs in 1666. We all got into role and acted out each job as if we were living in London during the Stuart times.

We then had a class debate on whether men should get paid more than women for doing the same jobs- it was very interesting.

World Book Day!

Wow, a massive thank you to all parents and children as you all looked amazing!

We had lots of fun trying to guess which character everyone had come as! Happy Reading!

Learning about Christianity

Rhino class were very lucky to have a visitor today from St Martins Church in Brighouse. Mrs Paige set up lots of exciting activities to develop the children’s understanding and knowledge of Christianity and what this means.

Rhino class had lots of interesting questions and ideas!

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