Sports day!

We all had a great time at sports day!DSC00882 DSC00883 DSC00884 DSC00885 DSC00888 DSC00889 DSC00890 DSC00891 DSC00892 DSC00893 DSC00894 DSC00895 DSC00896 DSC00897 DSC00898 DSC00899 DSC00900 DSC00901

Science Week in Year 2

In Year 2, we had an awesome Science Week. Year 2 children please comment below to let everyone know what we did.

Mrs Woodhead

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Magical maths (Year 2)

Today, we have been trying to achieve our maths targets by using technology. Some of the class have been on Maths Whizz, the others have been on times table games, direction games, calculation games and time telling games.

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Science Week

Next week, we are holding a Science Week in school. Watch this space for amazing posts all about it.


Panda class visit to Cannon Hall Farm

After a week of researching farms using non-fiction books, and counting the sleeps, Panda class finally went on their trip to Cannon Hall Farm!

We enjoyed travelling in the mini-bus and didn’t think the journey took too long!


When we arrived we went straight up to the round house where we looked at goats and their kids, sheep and their lambs and some reindeer! It was important that we used our quiet voices as we didn’t want to frighten the animals!

DSC00022 DSC00025

At 10.45 we went to meet our guide, Lisa. She took us to Farrowing house number 1, where some brand new piglets had just been born. We found out that pigs have 10-14 piglets at one time-the mummy pigs looked very tired!


We enjoyed looking at the smaller animals, and were allowed to stroke the rabbit and guinea pig. We were very gentle and Lisa was very impressed with how much we knew about them!

DSC00045 DSC00040 DSC00052 DSC00057

After a lovely lunch together, we went to play on the adventure playground. We worked together as a team and were polite to the other children in the playground. Mrs Wood and Mrs Hughes were really proud of us!

DSC00062 DSC00063 DSC00069 DSC00071

Finally, the older children went to explore the rope works course-which was really high! We had to work as a team and only went as high as we felt safe. Mrs Wood, Mrs Hughes, Mrs Newham and Mrs Blay were really impressed with our climbing and balancing skills!!

DSC00074 DSC00073

We had a fantastic day on the farm and are looking forward to doing some more work all about farms in our classroom! Pop in any time to see our hard work!


The Wizard of Oz – Tuesday 19 July and Wednesday 20 July


Rehearsals are now well underway for what we hope will be Year6’s most ambitious end of year show to date.

We are going to need lots of props and help with costumes – so if any parents have a bit of spare time, your help would be much appreciated.

Tickets will be offered to year 6 parent’s first but then offered to the rest of the school – watch out for details.

If anyone has anything suitable as a raffle prize these too would be gratefully received.


Information Texts

Today, we started a new topic in Literacy. We are looking at information texts. So we all started off by selecting our own information books (non-fiction) and having a good read.

DSC00408 DSC00409 DSC00411

Rotary Quiz

Four of our year 6 pupils represented school in the annual Rotary quiz. The pupils competed against other schools in the local cluster answering questions on maths, geography, history, science and general knowledge, and we’re delighted to say they have made it through to the final. Why don’t you come along to show your support next Thursday 6pm at The Shay? Mrs Howarth


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Movie night

Pupils from Reception to year 6 enjoyed two movie nights this evening. Pupils brought along their pillows to get cosy when watching the film and enjoying a snack. Look out for future SPAF events.


Panda class assembly

Everyone in panda class has been working hard recently to get ready for our Julia Donaldson assembly. We decided together which information about Julia we wanted to share and the Year 1 children wrote their own lines. Then we thought carefully about our favourite stories and picked the best bits. Together we designed the costumes and decided to ask our grown ups for help. Panda class grown ups have been fantastic as usual, and have provided us with lots of different costumes.

The children and their grown ups worked incredibly hard to learn their lines and the children practised using big voices.

We hope you enjoyed our assembly today and feel as proud as Miss Thickett and Mrs Hughes do of us!

A huge thank you to all the Parents and Carers who have helped us to gather our costumes together and learn our lines!


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