Viking Longships!

Rhino class finished completing their design project books today, ready for creating their Viking ships on Friday!

I am sure you will be looking forward to seeing their amazing creations just as much as I am!  Watch this space!



What an amazing drama session we had today! The pupils had a great time becoming a forest then transforming into animals and finally creating their own descriptive paragraph to then act out. Here’s their work:

Group writing in drama session: Decklen, Hayden, Harvey, Pola, Amelia, Benji, Freddie.

Once this forest only had trees that were rustic and badly bent. Now they were admirable and had dirty wild colourful leaves on them. The animals that the old man had made were jubilant and lively. Now he was surrounded by beauty and tranquillity.

Group writing in drama session: Amie, Cody, Lexi, Logan, Oliver, Ethan, Danikah.

Once this forest only had trees that were rusty, old tin and dusty and dirty tin animals that were unbelievable to look at. Now there were colourful, tropical trees and soft, noisy creatures. The animals that the old man had made were scrunched up and frozen like icebergs with rusty holes in them. Now he was surrounded by playful baby lions and cute little baby chicks.

Group writing in drama session: Willow, Amelia I, Abigail, Neve, Kitty-Liu, Alfie, Cason, Maya.

Once this forest only had trees that were rusty and made of dirty, old tin. Now there were tropical trees and the flowers were exotic, colourful and the most beautiful flowers in the world. The animals that the old man had made were through tigers and brittle, pink butterflies. Now he was surrounded by wild, rare breeds of animals which he spent house having fun with.DSC01726 DSC01727 DSC01728 DSC01729 DSC01731 DSC01733 DSC01735 DSC01736

Safer Internet Day 2017

Be the change:Unite for a better internet

The children and staff have been celebrating Safer Internet Day throughout the school today.  There have been a wide range of activities taking place in the classroom and around the school.

Discussions took place regarding what type of photos and information should we share with each other and online.

When taking photos or selfies we decided to disguise ourselves.  Mrs Godwin organised a photo booth and groups of children were chosen from each class to have their photo taken using the prop box to change their appearance.  We made sure our school logo was covered up during the photo sessions.

The children had lots of fun and enjoyed looking at the photos and trying to guess who was in each picture.

Ask your child about how we can keep safe online at home.

For more information please visit:


P2070041 P2070043 (2) P2070044 (2) P2070046 P2070048 P2070050 P2070051

Exploring clay

Our art sessions this half term are all about clay. We have enjoyed learning about the tools and the clay itself, and have explored it in lots of different ways. We have practiced rolling our clay so that it is smooth and have used lots of different tools to make different patterns and marks. We are building up to creating our own self-portrait sculpture using clay which will be really tricky! Keep checking the blog for more Panda art updates!

DSC02412 DSC02417 DSC02420

Wake up, Shake up!



Rhino Class started the day today by coming together to perform our class routine. This helped us all to get ready for an exciting day of learning!

Healthy food

Today we have been deciding what makes a ‘healthy plate’ in Science. DSC02060 DSC02061 DSC02062 DSC02063


Well done to all the children who completed last weeks homework. The standard of work was exceptional and Mrs.Braime and I loved seeing  how excited you all were to share your masterpieces with the rest of the class.


We look forward to seeing what you produce next.


This week Year 6 gave started to look at poetry by Robert McGough. We had a go at learning and performing one of his poems. We saw some fantastic performances. We have also rewritten one of his poems using our own rhyming words but still following his rhyming pattern.

In Science so far this term we have been learning about classification and the Linnaean system. We have classified animals into different groups based on their characteristics,

We are seeing some homework to be proud of this term! Our Anglo-Saxons topic is very interesting and we have so far learnt about where the Anglo-Saxons invaded and settled and about the language they brought to England. We are going to be creating our own Anglo-Saxon village.

Year 3 & 4 Viking Research

viking-cartoon-clip-art-540pxYear 3 & 4 have been completing a joint research topic based upon the differences between Anglo-Saxon and Viking Kings. The children thoroughly enjoyed working together and produced some fantastic work. We look forward to working together again soon.




Viking Invasion!

I am so impressed with the homework that Rhino class have returned! It is very obvious they have all worked really hard.

Here is just a few examples of the viking armour. As you can see, Rhino class are not afraid to ‘get into the role! 010 012 014 015 017 018 019 020 021 022 023 024 025

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